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Press Reviews

“Delache-Feldman is a gifted colorist ….who produced an entire range of orchestral effects.”

— Boston Phoenix


“Both Feldmans unite passion with elegance.”

Boston Globe 


“The French-born Delache-Feldman provided a matrix of rich, flowing accompaniment, performing her occasionally florid passage with ease and solo-quality sound.”

Cape Cod Times 


“Pascale Delache-Feldman performed with technical certainty and musical imagination.  Melodic ideas were attractively molded and intonation was excellent.”

New Music Connoisseur 


“Delache-Feldman’s ability to let the bass melodies sing and her supple accompanimental lines are complimented by Feldman’s own beautiful tone and phrasing.”

International Society of Bassist- Cello e Basso CD review 

“Marvelously musical and perceptive, putting forth a solid sound.”

New Music Connoisseur 


“Pascale has a big, beautiful sound with a controlled, seemingly effortless technique.”

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